With 72 percent of Germans polled being hysterical supporters of Barrack Obama (in more ways than one), it’s hard to rain on everybody’s parade and reign in the enthusiasm, but Chancellor Angela Merkel just couldn’t help herself and felt that somebody had to and has pointed out to her Volk that Obama’s request to give a speech before the Brandenburg Gate was, well, “inappropriate”.

And that was the nice word she used for it, too (she let a government speaker announce this, actually). In reality she used a German one. Hardy, har, har. And what she really had to say about the matter is probably more non-ladylike-I-mean-womanlike than many of us sensitive types would care to consider, whether in German or not.

She then went on to have her speaker point out that it would be wrong for Obama to hold an American “campaign rally” at the historic symbol of German unity. Damn. I hate good points like that. I’m telling you, If somebody doesn’t put the breaks on this woman she might even bring up the touchy detail about the German electorate not being able to vote in America’s November election, either. And that would really be below the belt, don’t you think?

Well nice try Angie, but I can tell you that der Zug ist schon abgefahren (the train has already left the station) and it appears to me that no force in the German universe will be able to stop Obama’s visit from becoming precisely just warned of, the biggest American election rally overseas yet. It’s going to be like John, Paul, George and Ringo all over again, only with less hair, and no Shea Stadium. What a minute, there’s always the Berlin Olympic Stadium… Nah.

On the other hand, if she reciprocates, maybe she’ll be allowed to ask to use the National Mall in Washington for one of her big overseas rallies next year when this silly grand coalition in Germany finally goes Tango Uniform. Officially, I mean.

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