CPI-Mafioso loudmouth and Don Karat’s better half Brinda Karat appeared on Karan Thapar’s Devil’s Advocate and reminded us once again what ugliness lies beneath that fair skin. To refresh everyone’s memory it was Brinda Karat who in the run up to the state sponsored civil war on Nanidgram had called for a dose of “dum dum dawai” or mob lynching.

While we expected belligerence of Ms. Karat who would have expected that equivocation and deflection when it comes to sexual crimes on women perpetrated by her partymen.

Some snippets from Thapar’s interview

How embarrassed are you by the behaviour of your party cadres in Nandigram?

it’s really not the question of embarrassment

you are blaming the Press for the way it is reported ?

there has been a one-sided reporting on Nandigram

aren’t you now concerned about your cadre ?

my cadre has been at the receiving end of it for 11 months

CPM cadres have raped women you are not embarrassed by this behaviour ?

If it is true and it is being verified….

am sitting in front of a Politburo member who not even prepared to accept embarrassment at the behaviour of your cadres. How can we believe that your government will react when you won’t express embarrassment?

Embarrassment about what? You have to be specific.

Looting homes, burning homes, raping women, rendering thousands homeless… ?

 For goodness sake Karan, let us get things in perspective.

So that was Brinda Karat asking Mossamat Akhera Bibi and the victims of Nandigram, mostly muslim, to get things into perspective.

Well let us see how often Brinda Karat asks rape victims to get things into perspective:

25 Aug 2002 Mumbai Train rape incident

The AIDWA statement issued by its general secretary Brinda Karat on August 18 asked: Could not the five men who were witnesses, have prevented this terrible crime? Does not their silence amount to abetment of the crime?

Offstumped poser to Brinda – so should we take it that the CPI-M abetted gangrape in Nandigram ?

19 Nov 2006 – Khairlanji Massacre

Brinda Karat addressed a press conference and demanded that ….. the case should be immediately handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation without any further delay. The enquiry should be time-bound. She condemned the character assassination of the women victims and also demanded that the beat constable and the Dy SP be charged with dereliction of duty and removed from service

Offstumped poser to Brinda – So why should the Nandigram case not be handed over to the CBI and the police in Nandigram as well as the Government of Bengal be charged with dereliction of duty ?


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