larry-depalmo.jpgAn NYPD officer has been honored by the Police Commissioner Ray Kelly for his act of heroism when he was seen giving a pair of shoes and socks to a homeless man in New York City that was barefoot. The most touching part of this good deed was that the officer did this completely out of the act of kindness, not expecting anything in return. He was presented a special set of cuff links as his reward.

Larry DePrimo said after receiving the gift, “This, I am never letting go. He gave me police department commissioner cuff links… He showed me his and they were identical. So I have to buy a little more dress shirts to wear them with.”

cop-with-homeless-man.jpgTotally unaware of anyone noticing him, a tourist took a photo of DePrimo while in uniform, giving a pair of shoes and socks to the homeless man near Times Square and then posted it on Facebook. The photo went viral once it was posted.

Once he was identified DePalmo said he was concerned about the man’s well-being while he was outside in the frigid weather so he bought the man the insulated shoes and thermal socks paying for it out of his own pocket, which cost him about $75.00.

DePrimo said, “It is surreal right now… a humbling experience. I did it just because I felt it was what I had to do.”

DePrimo expected to hear jokes about his good deed from his fellow officers at the Sixth Precinct station once the news spread but instead everyone congratulated him. “It’s a humbling experience to have real heroes who have been on this job a lot longer than I have shaking my hand,” said DePalmo.

I am overjoyed to hear this story. It is so nice to know there are still good people out there that let their heart over power their bank account. He saw a man in need of something and he didn’t stop and think about it, he just took it on his own to help the man. Not many in this day and time would bother.

I personally would like to thank Larry DePrimo for what he did. I have to admit that when I first heard about this I got this big lump in my throat and I thanked God that there are actually some good left in this world. I pray that nothing but good heads Larry DePalmo’s way, because anyone that does something so rewarding as this deserves good things in life. I just love the part that he did it not expecting anyone else to know about. He did it because his heart told him to do it.

So Thank You God bless you Larry DePalmo!!!

Jan Barrett

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