I used to live in NYC, and of course as a kid went to public school. When Bloomberg was able to get rid of the Board of Ed I figure what a great thing. Now the mayor is in control of the schools and we have someone to answer to, who is elected, and can be replaced if things go bad.

But I didn’t realise how bad things had gotten. Just take this one example. They no longer teach kids to spell. The school system feels it hinders their creativity. Great. So now we have kids running around who can’t spell but have to use spell check to complete a sentence. This is ridiculous! We are raising kids who will not have a normal spelling education. If I grew up learning how to spell, so should my kid! It might hinder their education then but in the future it won’t hinder them when they go on job interviews and can spell. Imagine trying to fill out a job application and you can’t spell? What will your potential boss think of you. I figured it couldn’t get worse. But here is another news flash. T

They are teaching kids such new math that it is like learning a second language. The parents have to go to work shops to figure out how to apply this new math. I am not kidding! My mother in law sat down one night and showed my step daughter how to do the math the way she remembered from her school days that the teacher called her up the next day and said don’t teach her that because it will only confuse her. But what she was showing her was real math! Not this gobbily gook they send home.

So we moved to Pennsylvania where math is normal and spelling is required. And I have to tell you my step-daughter feels really better now and I feel much better now too..

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