The New York Times is often criticized for favoring positions of the Democratic Party over those of the Republicans. But stunningly, after the U.S. Senate failed to agree on terms for the debate of the various Iraq war resolutions before it, the New York Times editorial board has come down in blaming the Democrat leadership.

It’s the War, Senators

The editorial harshly condemns U.S. Senator Reid (Democrat – NV), blasting:

But the right way for the Senate to debate Iraq is to debate Iraq, not to bar proposals from the floor because they might be passed. The majority leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, needs to call a timeout and regroup. By changing the issue from Iraq to partisan parliamentary tactics, his leadership team threatens to muddy the message of any anti-escalation resolution the Senate may eventually pass.

But US News and World Report recognized that the GOP largely woke up to headlines blaming the GOP senators for “blocking debate,” ignoring that the Democrats used parliamentary maneuvers to block full debate on all resolutions.

US News & World Report

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