New York police are under serious pressure to investigate the death of an unarmed man, and the wounding of two of his friends, last night outside of a strip club hours before the man was set to get married. The altercation happened outside of a club that police have been monitoring closely for its reputation as a hot spot for weapons complaints, drug-dealing and prostitution. The night of the incident, the men were involved in a loud fight with another person outside the club when police were notified of the fight and police began to fear that a weapon would be produced. No weapon was drawn and the men left when they struck an unmarked undercover police car on their way out and an undercover police officer on the shin. Police pursued and fired at least 50 bullets at the car with 21 of them hitting the car.

The slain man, David Bell, was pronounced dead as he arrived at the hospital. One friend was hit 11 times and was listed in critical condition while the other was hit three times and was listed in stable condition. None of the men were found to be armed and an investigation has been launched.

“Officers on the scene had reason to believe that an altercation involving a firearm was about to happen and were trying to stop it,” Michael Bloomberg said.

NY police kill man on wedding day (BBC News)

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