Social activists are outraged over a prNutritional Assistance Leaves Bad Taste In Taxpayers’ Mouths
oposal in Michigan that would limit welfare benefits to four years in a lifetime.

Perhaps that limit might be a bit harsh given the state of the economy where often people find themselves unemployed for extended periods of time through no fault of their own.

However, given America’s pending financial ruination, these very same agitators should be as outraged about the growing trend of permitting aide recipients to apply their benefit payments to restaurant tabs.

Since many of those on public assistance are unemployed, are you going to tell me that such individuals don’t have to time to prepare victuals within their own domiciles?

Or, rather is such an inability yet another symptom of lazy burro syndrome?

If ramen noodles and frozen fish sticks or chicken nuggets are good enough for those working to provide nutritional assistance, why aren’t these foods sufficient enough for those receiving public benefits?

The government might have a minimal public health concern in seeing that citizens do not starve to death.

However, the argument cannot be made that there is a compelling state interest in going to extraordinary means to see that your taste buds are titillated in a culinary fashion.

by Frederick Meekins

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