A report that has been released by the Workers Compensation Board in Quebec has named asbestos as the number one workplace killer in the area. The figures showed that around sixty percent of workplace fatalities amongst Quebec workers stemmed from asbestos exposure.

The report indicates that in the first eight months of this year around one hundred and four workers died as a result of their work, and out of these sixty one people died from a disease relating to asbestos exposure in the workplace.

It is thought that this trend will continue for some years to come, as it can take several decades for the effects of asbestos exposure to manifest, which mean that many people may be set to develop asbestos related problems that lead to death as a result of work that they did decades ago.

Officials are also concerned that these figures may not give the full picture, as many cases may not have been registered. One official said: “About 60 per cent of the cases aren’t registered. That’s a pretty big number. And that’s only for mesothelioma, it doesn’t factor in lung cancers.”

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