According to a recent report workers from one nuclear plant have shown increased risk of certain cancers, including cancers relating to exposure to the deadly material asbestos, which was once widely used in many industries and for a variety of purposes.

Nineteen thousand employees of the Savannah River Site were assessed as part of the study. This site has been producing nuclear materials for over fifty years. According to researchers workers at the site had a higher than average chance of suffering death from certain cancers relating to industrial exposure to various substances.

The report stated: “It is plausible that occupational hazards, including asbestos and ionizing radiation, contribute to these excesses.” Those involved with the study stated that it showed how important ongoing government research into the health of former nuclear workers was.

The employees that were used in the study were ones that had been employed before 1987 and had worked at the plant for a minimum of three months. The findings have been reported in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine.

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