Earlier today I watched the less than informative or useful Press Conference put on by the NRA concerning the sad events that unfolded in Newtown one week ago. I launched a quick Op-Ed story, you can find it here.

The NRA’s chief mouthpiece Wayne LaPierre basically used the opportunity to slam the media, and make the old and boring story that the solution to gun violence, is yet more guns. Oh, and that the NRA would be happy to assist in this quest!

I was pretty certain that Wayne LaPierre was going to rile up the press, and I was not wrong. The NRA may have 4 million members, and may be a huge political force, but pissing the press off, is not a good idea.

The flack (excuse the pun) is beginning to come down on them. It is one thing giving oodles of money to support a political candidate that agrees with your agenda, but pissing the press off rarely brings great results.

Exhibit ‘A’ would be USA Today, they pull few punches and use the title Newtown On NRA ‘Completely Off Mark’. It is worth reading. USA Today
The Washington Post was slightly kinder, but not by much.
NBC on the other hand was in full attack mode.

Even the NYT is in on this story. You can find it here.

The big question I have, is does anyone care? The NRA will continue to do what they do. The media will continue to do what they do.  Personally I doubt that the solution is armed guards or NRA trained vigilantes.

One has to wonder how long it will be before the TSA get involved? Could you imagine the debacle if you have a five year old? Full body scans and pat downs. And serious restrictions on packed lunches. Apple juice in see through plastic containers (less than 4oz), Peanut and jelly sandwiches are subject to random testing for explosive’s. Animal Crackers will not be permitted out of respect for animal species on the endangered list.

However, Glock’s AK 15’s and Hand Grenades (pin in) are welcome for Show and Tell.

Simon Barrett

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