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X-ray van offers drive-by peeking

Back in December, in Nekkid Bodies, we did a little blurb about the new x-ray machines being installed in airports.  Using what is called backscatter technology, the machines can see items hidden under an individuals clothing, and that caused a bit of an uproar, if you remember.  That was only six months ago.  The technology has moved full-steam ahead.

American Science and Engineering Incorporated has developed, and Homeland Security is using, a mobile version of the scanner, and apparently it can see through just about anything.  The unit is housed in a non-descript van, and can look into buildings and other vehicles as it drives by.  When equipped with the Personnel Scanning Option, it can check out a vehicles occupants as well.  The photographs on the website are quite amazing.

Science Fiction becomes Science Fact once again…

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