There are legitimate arguments on both sides of the immigration debate, but most reasonable people on both sides acknowledge that most immigrants are hard-working, decent people who (understandably) came to the US for a chance at a better life.

Not the National Organization for Women.

In a recent statement I would’ve more expected from the Ku Klux Klan than from NOW, NOW president Kim Gandy (pictured) describes immigrant men as men who “hit their [wives] frequently,” threaten to put their wives and children on the street if they “ask them to buy groceries or clothes for the kids” and make their wives “live in perpetual fear.”

According to Gandy, these immigrant women had better not get pregnant and/or lose their jobs, because their immigrant husbands will “beat” them for it.

Gandy’s comments are a despicable slap at the millions of immigrant men and fathers who work long hours at demanding jobs to provide for their wives and children. Exactly as both of my grandfathers did.

Gandy’s bigoted commentary can be found here. This is feminism?

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