I do not tend to review a single, what possible things could you discuss about a 5 minute song? I much prefer to look at a body of work, an album, you get a feel for the depth and breadth, and maybe even the desperation of a band or a singer/songwriter.

There are however some musicians that do indeed produce a single that is stands alone, worthy of dissection and discussion.

A musician that I have known for the best part of a decade is Tokyo Rosenthal, I have no idea how we became friends, I like prog rock and maybe a little dip into Metal and other disgraceful genres of music. Toke is into ‘Americana’, his idea of ‘keyboards’ is an accordion player. Special effects are achieved by moving his acoustic guitar closer or farther away from the microphone (OK that might not be true)!

The point is, Toke does it his way. I admire him for that. He is a gifted songwriter and storyteller.

Now I Believe There’s A Devil is a classic Toke creation. A protest song, loud and clear!

Try it out for yourself:

I was impressed, so much so that I just had to get to the bottom of the story. Time for a chat!
Toke is no virgin to controversy but this is his most overtly (my guess) protest song I can think of.
Please listen to my interview with Tokyo Rosenthal here

Simon Barrett


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