It would be easy to ask questions such as “Would the test results be different in another part of the country” or “did the phrasing of the questions steer the children to that answer?
       But in the end it does not matter much. The results are enough of a tragedy without trying to subvert them or lessen their impact.
        The worst part is, there is no hard and fast answer for how to fix this. Some people would have us all ignore race, to “see” no color, only a person. In fact, that is my own preference. But it does not always work.
      Others would have us celebrate our own races as shown by many of the various “X Heritage Days” where X= various races, cultures, and so forth.
      The sad truth is that people will continue to look for and emphasize differences. We as a country encourage this. How?
      By things such as the politically correct but very stupid phrase “Honor diversity”.
     Yeah, calling it a stupid phrase is controversial. And that in and of itself is sad. It should not be controversial, it is common sense. Sadly, that is a comment I have to explain.
       Diversity has always been the cause of strife throughout human history. Whenever there are differences people most often resort to violence to “resolve” those differences.
      Meanwhile, many diverse groups that, instead of emphasizing their differences choose to honor their unifying factors are able to dwell together in peace and harmony.
     Examples would be many of the Native American tribes that freely intermarried, traveled together, lived together, and traded together despite some being hunter-gatherers and others being farmers…violent, war-centered tribes could still co-exist with peaceful tribes when it suited their interests due to trade or sources of food.
     Instead, we choose to emphasize the differences and claim that as a good thing. We have set ourselves up for conflict.
     Stereotypes have become so ingrained that we are shocked when we see someone acting counter to those stereotypes. Every sports star who speaks intelligently is praised as if he is a Nobel Prize winner. The interviewers make it obvious they are surprised to find in the sea of moronic athletes someone who is “black and intelligent”. 
     By the very presentation it is obvious they are presenting him because he is unusual. Of course, those of us who pay attention know this is inaccurate and these feel-good presentations themselves perpetuate the stereotypes that the broadcast is designed, intentionally or not, to show someone “rising above”.
      In other words, there are some stereotypes that have penetrated the collective consciousness so deeply that they are ingrained way past the point of recognition. It should come as no surprise that kids are internalizing inaccurate and harmful stereotypes. But it should still strike us as tragic and something we have to do something about. Now if we could only figure out what.

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