So I was reading an article on the internet about some serial killer named Bradford, and how the authorities in Los Angeles had released more of his photos (the guy was a serious photo nut) hoping to identify possible murder victims or witnesses who might have clues.

Curious, I went to the website to look at the photos. However, I couldn’t see the photos on the website. They weren’t big enough nor clear enough. The image on the website, in fact, seemed to be a reproduction of some kind of police poster featuring the images.

Why, I wondered, hadn’t the mainstream media report that I read MENTIONED that? Why didn’t it say, in effect, “Police release photos…of course, public can’t make out the images worth crap. More at five o’clock.” 

I sent an email to the police department in question, and here was how the exchange went:

—–Original Message—–
From: John W. Hoff
Sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2006 4:53 PM
To: Taylor, Robert L.
Subject: Can’t see photos

Dear R L Taylor,

I read on a news website of your department’s release of more possible victim photos
related to Mr. Bradford. I went to your website, not really expecting I would know anybody,
but interested in the photos.
However, your website doesn’t really allow me to see the photos in a size that lets me
perceive any level of detail. How do you expect to solve these crimes with such an
inadequate website?
Mr. Hoff
we are aware and working on the problem
thank you…

    Sgt. Bobby Taylor
LASD Homicide Bureau
   Unsolved Unit
323 890-5500 ext. 5651
    Go Trojans

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