Everybody knows that German state spending has gone down the tubes. Financial Engpässe (bottlenecks) wherever you look, a steady drumbeat of rising costs and reduced services for citizens and non-citizens everywhere, bankrupt cities, crippled social programs, higher taxes, lower expectations, oh-my-god-we’re-all-going-to-die.

And now they’re going to come along mir nichts dir nichts (just like that) and shut down seven state-run heroin injection clinics? Like, when is this ever going to end? Oh, they’re not going to shut them down, you say? Whew. That was a close one. Sorry, false alarm.

That would have taken the Kuchen (cake). The day that Germans decide to stop handing out free diamorphine to the country’s worst drug offenders based upon simple ideological or financial grounds will be a very dark day indeed. It will also be the one when hell freezes over. How else would these junkies be able to live a relatively normal life of state-sponsored drug addiction? And what about all of those people giving them all that free psychiatric support (for the addicts, I mean, not for the politicians)? What would become of them?

You see? Once you start fiddling around with a running system, one question after another always starts popping up. And I’m sure it won’t be long before last year’s proposal to make heroin available by prescription will be back on the table to question again, too.

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