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This excellent article in the Christian Science Monitor points out the consequences of North Korea’s announced plan for a nuclear test.

Primarily, a North Korean nuclear test would re-start an arms race in Asia if not world-wide. Japan and South Korea would both have to start thinking seriously about developing their own deterrents to the threat from the Little North Korean menace, Kim Jong Il. Since North Korea’s capabilities for delivering a nuclear weapon are, by best estimates, very short range (and since they are very aware of Kim Jong Il’s unstable nature) they know that they are primary targets. And, of course, once the nuclear ‘cat’ is ‘out of the bag’ many other countries will start looking at their own nuclear deterrent capabilities.

The Catch 22

What Korea wants is the attention and submission of the United States. The United States has used very effective financial sanctions against North Korea and the North Korean economy is hurting very badly . . . and therein is the Catch 22. The United States has unwittingly given North Korea a very large incentive to develop their nuclear capabilities — not to use as weapons (at least not until they develop a better delivery system) but to sell to the highest bidder; and you can be sure that the highest bidder will be a bitter enemy of the United States.

The bottom line is, unless North Korea can be talked back to the negotiating table very soon, the world will very soon be a far more unstable place.

The good news is that China has now given North Korea a very stern warning and China is North Korea’s best life line in their current economic crisis. Stay tuned to this situation to see if Kim Jong Il is so far removed from reality that he will ignore China’s warning.

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