The world knows that North Korea is ruled by a dictator who operates the entire country as one of the largest criminal organizations existing anywhere.  The dictator’s cadre lives in abundance while millions literally starve.  The general population is thought throughout the world to be brain dead as pictures present them in occupations such as traffic control on urban boulevards without traffic and such.  But they are not as docile as they appear any more than the citizens of other totalitarian states are.  They simply have lacked the means to have the advantage in an uprising without consequences that are worse than the benefits a positive revolution would bring in their eyes.   
The situation will change in the early part of this century.  The opposition now has the advantage of better communications, a relatively open border with China, family relationships with Koreans both in South Korea and throughout the world and the political operations of the United States.  These advantages will soon prove to be overwhelming to the dictator.  The opposition is deep underground within the country, but their assets are increasing while the dictator’s forces are diminishing.  The antiquity of the arms of the police and military is evident and there is apparent discord among the officer corp and the ranks. 
The recent importance of the release of about $ 25 million held up by the U.S. in Macau is revealing.  The institution holding the funds is a long time business partner of the regime and would have acquiesced earlier without the external political pressure applied by the U.S.  The concessions granted by the North Korean administration were extraordinary in my opinion which means that cash was king to the North Koreans.  This indicates a thinner stream of income than is necessary to support the dictator’s cadre.
This situation will implode when the citizenry becomes aware that the dictator cannot muster the forces of repression.  Small gaps in state security will mushroom and the situation will grow beyond the dictator’s control.  There have been too many nips at the administration’s flanks like any pack of animals hunting the weak.  The finances of the sate will continue to deteriorate and the result will prevent a suppression of the uprising to come.
The good will of the Chinese will evaporate as soon as the regime cannot be a good partner in crime.  No doubt the Chinese slip at least some of the more questionable activities of their society through North Korea.  Whether these crimes are sponsored by the Chinese state or private entities doesn’t matter, they support the revenue needs of the dictator in large part.  Remember again that the country was vitally concerned about $ 25 million, a drop in the bucket to other countries with similar areas and population.
The world-wide notice of the travails of one individual are important to keep the pressure on.  It is in-human not to be concerned about the individual real sufferings of this man, but it is necessary to bust the country’s chops in every way possible until the regime’s collapse becomes a fact.  If we do so, the dictator will go in near time.                              

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