Today it was announced that North is ready to fully comply with its nuclear disarmament, providing that a few conditions are met first. 

It is quite amuzing to see one of the world’s most irrational men, in Kim Jong Il, call the shots in what is supposed to be a landmark nuclear disarmament treaty.

According to a recent CNN article, ElBaradei upbeat on N. Korea talks, the chief U.N. nuclear inspector, after a one-day trip to Pyongyang, said Wednesday North Korea was “fully committed” to an agreement that requires it to shutter its main nuclear reactor and let in inspectors as soon as the U.S. drops financial sanctions against it.

Key words, as soon as the U.S. drops financial sanctions against it.  Once the U.S. drops sanctions on North Korea there will be other sanctions and other requests from North Korea before they can start the disarmament process. For instance, Kim Jong Il will request that the United Nations sanctions be removed from North Korea. 

Once North Korea has exhausted every single request that they can make, they will undoubtably start to stall inspectors coming in to inspect nuclear facilities because they lack food and money.  Then unless the United Nations or the United States provides additional aid, they will not allow UN inspectors into their nuclear facilities. 

The public is quick to forget that over 12 years ago we struck a landmark nuclear disarmament deal under the Clinton Administration that did not produce a single inspection, but produced billions of dollars in aid for North Korea.

So as we continue to ship oil, food, money, and other aid to North Korea for the second North Korea nuclear disarmament deal, without so much as a sliver of compliance, let us remember the old proverb: Screw me once, shame on you. Screw me twice, shame on me.

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