According to reports North Korea has agreed to fully disclose and dismantle it’s nuclear programs in return for U.S. aid and an end to economic sanctions. The “hermit kingdom” has agreed to have this completed by years end marking the first time the North Koreans have set a date.

Of course it remains to be seen whether the notoriously unreliable “Dear Leader” Kim Jong-iL will keep his word or pull-out of the agreement at the last minute.

Another thing that remains to be seen is whether or not the liberal media will give George W. Bush the credit he deserves for bringing the North Korean nuclear situation to a successful diplomatic conclusion.

The Democrats have been unrelenting in there attacks on his plans for dealing with the North Koreans since day one. They said he was stubborn and foolish for not agreeing to one on one talks with the North.

To his credit the President maintained his position that Bill Clinton had tried the one on one approach with the DPRK and was hoodwinked by Kim Jong-iL. Bush instead opted to bring all the countries in the region in on the discussions for so called “6 party talks” that included China, U.S., Japan, Russia, France, and Great Britain.

Bush realized correctly that the country with by far the most leverage on North Korea is China. The Chinese are literally the last communist lifeline the North has left in the world. They are in most cases the sole source of oil and other critical supplies that keep the almost non-existent economy of the DPRK at least “functioning” for lack of a better word.

China doesn’t like the North Koreans any more than the U.S. does, but simply keep the Kim Jong-iL government from collapsing to prevent millions of sick and starving North Korean refugees from pouring over the border into China.

Again, we will all have to wait and see if the North Koreans keep up there end of the bargain. If they do it will be a major victory for Bush’s foreign policy as it relates to North Korea, and a major victory for the world.

However, when and if President Bush does receive credit for his handling of the North Korean issue, that credit will most likely come from the history books and not from the mainstream media.

Written by Chris Jones
The Hot Joints

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