Recent statistics on binge drinking show North Dakota claiming the number one spot in the nation. You would think that media in North Dakota would be reporting the matter, wringing their hands and editorializing. However, recent Google news searches reveal that, instead, South Dakota and Nebraska are wringing their hands even though North Dakota managed to rank higher. In fact, North Dakota blew away the number one spot with points to spare. But North Dakota media, so far, appear to have said nothing about the new rankings.

Normally, this kind of thing is big news in North Dakota. Indeed, during Springfest celebrations in Grand Forks, North Dakota, T-shirts proclaimed that city’s number two ranking in the nation, (for cities instead of states) and declarations were made that young drinkers should set their sights on the number one spot in city rankings. Somehow, North Dakota’s long awaited moment of binge drinking glory came around and yet North Dakota, so far, has missed it.

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