Arizona State University has begin teaching that the USA, Mexico, and Canada all need to be joined into a superstate, where U.S. citizens will be called “North Americanists.”

A unified continental currency would be called the “amero”.

Rather than requiring a passport to enter and leave Mexico and Canada, as Americans need, or will soon need; there would be free travel from, eventually, the Artic in the far north to Cape Horn, the southern tip of South America. This is all very interesting, considering that Quebec and British Columbia have been working toward actual secession from Canada. Perhaps some southern states would take the formation of a new continental union as an opportunity to secede from the USA, leaving a continent with a large community dotted with several renegade self-governing states.

Professor Robert Pastor has is an intellectual founder of the movement to create an EU-style North American Community, and believes a new 9/11-type of crisis may be the catalyst to merge into a continental government.  Professor Pastor directs the Center for North American Studies at American University. Some of the general thinking is that since it is difficult to maintain closed borders and so many undocumented aliens work in the USA; along with the fact that US citizens don’t want the hassle of passports to visit Canada and Mexico, then a larger continental community is more workable.

WorldNet Daily editors cited the North American Union plans as the Number One story on the news site’s list of 10 most underreported stories for 2006.

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