UK bombings probably Alqaeda. The one bomb was targeting a nightclub on “ladies night”. Can’t have immoral women you know. The bomb was discovered when an Ambulance crew was helping someone nearby, and noticed the gasoline fumes in the car. And the back up bomb luckily was towed away for illegal parking, but was aimed to hit rescuers.In Scotland, the airport Jeep was aiming for families on holidays, and the backup bomb was at the hospital that would have treated casualties.
One of the problems with terrorists is that they are too often recruited in Mosques that stress “religious competence” aka Islamic studies. So although their recruits in Europe include chemists and doctors, the present group seems to be not so much the gang that couldn’t shoot straight than the gang that never got their hands dirty changing oil.
The joke going around the internet is that these people were so dumb that they used new, expesive cars instead of junkers, perhaps because they weren’t the type of people used to messing around with junky cars in their garage: Dustbury and PurpleAvengerBlog note the amateurish bomb suggested the bombmakers were incompetent with machinery and blame modern “education”.
But I think he misses the point: Strategy Page notes that the “A TEAM” is dead, in European jails, or in Gitmo, so you are left with wannabees who don’t hold jobs, study religion while collecting welfare as “students”. Messing around with cars in their back yards is below their dignity, and unlike all those undocumented workers flooding the US, they don’t have to do factory work, fix machinery or do construction to make money.
Nope, no blue collar terrorists here, folks. In much of the world it is considered beneath one’s dignity to work with one’s hands. So although we Okies can change the oil and take apart our lawnmower engines, it’s not something that one expects of a “student” in the class conscious UK to do.
But there are other reasons that terrorists have been less than successful in flashy attacks. Civil libertarians complain that Bush’s anti terror techniques have destroyed consitutional protections in the USA, the dirty little secret is that the laws are stricter in the UK and France, and that even “associating with terrorists” can get you thirty years in prison. Since many of their neighbors prefer life in the UK to living in a Turkish or Pakistani village, let alone a British prison, a lot of terrorist wannabees are turned in. But that doesn’t get in the news either.
Ironically, both Canadian David Warren and London’s Mayor Red Ken point the finger at the same place as the root cause of the attempted bombings: Saudi Arabia’s funding of jihadi friendly Wahabi moques all over the world. Who notices these nice highly paid intellectuals bearing gifts, except, of course, Rudy Guilliani who turned the money down with contempt when he noticed it came with an antisemetic price tag.
The press of course rarely notices. Too often they can be manipulated, as the “rage boy” photos story shows.Are these photos printed in order to bash Islam? Or to imply all Muslims hate the West? Or to imply that it’s all Bush’s fault? Or merely to make Americans think: why should we die for this bozo?

The dirty little secret is that people are people. The problem with extremism that tries to make people perfect iand that always fails, eventually. The bad news is that it can kill millions if allowed to take over.

The main difference between deistic religious extremism and athiestic religious extremism is that if you believe in a higher power, no one is above reproach. Even in Saudi, complaints against religious policemen terrorizing people are starting to surface, especially after the death of two men in custody and two years after the morals police thrust girls back into a burning building to die because they weren’t wearing a veil…

In the meantime, I popped open Yahoo this morning and found that deaths were down in Iraq…although the LATimes and BBC headlines preferred to notice two US soldiers were charged with murder, not the massacre of farmers and their children in Iraq by Alqaeda. So the war goes on. Some call it the “endless war” which is ridiculous to those of us living in a country that is still fighting communists after sixty years.

Oh well. The malls here are still preventing cars parking next to the doors and searching handbags, and NAIA (airport) in Manila is on high alert. We’ve been under terror alert for two months, and luckily two car bombs similar to those in London were found and defused recently in the Southern Philippines.

But the really bad news is that since two of the so called terrorists  were doctors working for the NHS, now the UK is going to be stricter in screening doctors and nurses. There are already problems in the speed of granting work visas thanks to having to screen for terrorists, and now there will be more barriers for Pinoy caregivers planning to work in the UK. Since we have several relatives already there, it probably won’t affect us. But it is one more “ripple effect” of terrorism.

Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.
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