A year or so ago when I was diagnosed with diabetes, I was told I could control it with diet and exercise. Since then, I’ve completely eliminated desserts, walk the dog more often and have dropped 40 pounds.

My sugar levels were a lot better this last time they were checked, but even so, the “diabetes educator” gave me a finger prick gizmo to keep track of my levels – four times a day!!!!

Somehow, right off the bat, I managed to break the gizmo. Not reading the directions may have been a factor. Not wanting to jam a needle into the tip of my finger (especially after experiencing how bad it hurt when I experimented with stabbing the fatty tissue under my thumb) was probably, at least subconsciously, another.

Years ago, I invested in a company called Biocontrol Technologies, because they had something called a “Non-Invasive Glucose Sensor” in the works. With diabetes running so strongly in my family, I hoped maybe, by the time I got it, this company would perfect an alternative to the finger stick. Instead, the company went bankrupt. Sigh.

Now, though, there’s new hope on the horizon!!

According to Health Day News, two new devices are proving accurate using light to test for sugar levels. One, trade name GlucoLight, focuses a beam of light on diabetics’ skin. Over four days, the device proved accurate.

Israeli researchers have developed a device called the NBM-100. Using red near-infrared light to measure blood sugar, it, too, proved accurate.

Both devices have been presented to the American Diabetes Association (http://www.diabetes.org/).

I’m hoping that long before I become insulin dependent (dad controlled his diabetes without finger sticks for almost 20 years), these new, non-invasive gizmos will be on the market for scaredy-cat diabetics like me.

Carol Bogart is a freelance writer/editor. Read her articles at http://www.hubpages.com/ and her blog at http://carolbogart.blogspot.com/.  

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