All foreigners coming from outside the European Union will be required a British identity card to be able to apply for jobs or avail of in Britain under a new ID card plan that will be enforced in 2008 according to Prime Minister Tony Blair.
Blair wrote in Monday’s edition of Daily Telegraph newspaper that the plan also includes creating national identity cards for all Britons. This move is seen to aid in catching terrorist and stop illegal immigration.
Critics branded the ID card plan as the most ambitious biometric plan of its kind. They oppose such plan because it would impose on civil liberties. It is costly too. Others believe that it wont be effective in curbing terrorism.
Blair believed otherwise. ”I am convinced, as are our security services, that a secure identity system will help us counter terrorism and international crime,” he wrote.
The cards and a national identity database would be good deterrent. ”Terrorists routinely use multiple identities — up to 50 at a time — to hide and confuse. This is something al Qaeda train people at their camps to do.”
”I also want to see ID cards made compulsory for all non-EU foreign nationals looking for work and when they get a National Insurance number,” Blair said.
”This will enable us, for the first time, to check accurately those coming into our country, their eligibility to work, for free hospital treatment or to claim benefits.”

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