Nokia is a brand which is fast losing out to its competitors. One of the reasons appear to be its insensitivity to quality even in the premium product range.

Last year Nokia marketed E7 phones as a lead product. However it appears that the phones sold at least in India were having a serious manufacturing defect in the USB Connector. My phone showed a problem of proper connection of the charger from day 1 and after using it with the defect for about 3 months I took it to the Nokia Care service center in Bangalore. I was told that there was a manufacturing defect. It  was corrected free of cost since the phone was under Warranty.

Now it is about one year since the repair/replacement of the part was done and the phone developed a similar problem of “loose connection”. The USB connector is used both for connecting the charger and the USB cable to the computer. Because of the loose connection the contact gets broken and it is difficult to use the charger or the computer cable.

I again approached the Nokia Care Center. Initially the Care center employees tried to convince me that the problem was with my charger and if I buy a new charger for around Rs 1200/- it should be OK. However after lengthy argument they agreed that there was a problem with the phone end of the connector. But I have been told that the problem can be rectified at a cost of Rs 2800/-. This is around 12% of the original cost of the phone and is therefore a major part replacement. I donot understand how the end part of the connector can be considered such a premium element. At this rate the individual part replacements should add up to twice or thrice the new phone cost. This is a clear indication that the company is trying to cheat the public and make unfair profit out of the inherent defects of the product.

My argument with the company is that the connector being a daily used part, if it can go bad twice in an year, it indicates that there is a serious manufacturing flaw or otherwise the part should be considered as a consumable and should be replaced at a more reasonable (lower) cost.

It appears that this problem is wide spread and hence I believe that Nokia is aware of the defect and yet is trying to make an unfair gain by forcing the users to incur a recurring expenditure of around Rs 2800/-. For the same reason the Company has not taken steps to even suggest renewal of the warranty nor fix a more reasonable cost to the part.

Since I also consider that it is possible that the repair can be achieved without replacement, I have been demanding that the mobile be opened in my presence along with a technical expert and we jointly evaluate if the part requires replacement. So far the Nokia Care center has not agreed to the suggestion.

My complaint to the Nokia head office in India has not been responded to so far.

In view of the above I am considering taking up the issue as a “Consumer Complaint” and would be happy if any other customer in Bangalore with similar problems join me in taking up the issue strongly and demanding that Nokia recall the defective pieces and provide a reimbursement or a free replacement.

Those who are interested may contact me on email or through the comments below.

Vijayashankar, Bangalore, India

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