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Citing the Public Order Act of 1986, Part III, Article18, Britain’s Bedfordshire Police Department has requested that all bloggers who have at any point written ill of the actions of Islamofascists please turn themselves in for questioning at their earliest convenience, preferably no later than January 25, 2008 at 11:59 PM. In short this includes all “Right Wing” bloggers. Unbeknownst to us and our neanderthal sensibilities, we have quite likely been “stirring up racial hatred” and are thereby in violation of the statutes detailed in Public Order Article 18, the punishment for which is described in Article 27.

Violators are asked to kindly report themselves to the following:

Greyfriars Police Station, BEDFORD- Hate Crime Unit
Greyfriars, Bedford. MK40 1HR DC 5398
Ian Holden – Telephone 01234 841212 Ext 5356

This request is being made following the Bedfordshire bobbies uncovering of what is perhaps the blogosphere’s very e-portal to hell: the blog know as Lionheart. Subsequently, Mr. Lionheart is to be arrested for questioning and may well be convicted of “Racial Hatred” as defined by the Public Order Act of 1986. The complaint against Mr. Lionheart, of course, does not actually define his offense, but we would guess it has to do with his cataloguing of all the threats, intimidations, rapes, and murders committed by “Asians” within Britain against Britons and Britishness that has stoked the ire of Public Order enforcers. That the instances cited by Mr. Lionheart actually occurred is of no consequence. Merely citing them is an offense in the eyes of the truly enlightened and thus punishable by “imprisonment for a term not exceeding seven years or a fine or both.” Thus spake England’s Ministry of Justice!

Here, here. It is high time we Right Wingers evolve to the Progressive realization that Western Civilization and its myriad fetishes with individual liberty, limited government, human rights and other such rot is rancorous and loathsome, not at all in the interest of Public Order, and fully deserving of the fate the Islamists seek to bring upon it.

Therefore, immediately upon the successful uploading of this post, I shall turn myself in to the Bedfordshire Police. One quick perusal of my blog will make more than plain that I too am quite guilty. I advise all of you – from London to Los Angeles – to do likewise. Presuming, however, the Bedfordshire Police lack the resources necessary to promptly accomodate the legions of racists hereby identified, we implore that you exercise patience and maintain civility throughout your surrender proceedings.




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