News Item:
Islamic group threatens to kill female broadcasters

The latest bunch of nutbags to emerge in the Middle East are calling themselves The Swords of Truth, and they are of a mind to start beheading female Palestinian TV reporters.  Why?  Because the women aren’t wearing headscarves and veils to cover their faces when they do their news broadcast.  You can actually see their lips move, and see them smile, or see them frown, as they report on the news of the day.  Now there’s a crime worthy of death.

The group has notified all Palestinian news organizations of its intent, and has already threatened some of the women by telephone.  “We will cut throats from vein to vein if needed, to protect the spirit and morals of this nation”, is a quote from the group, and they have accused the women of “being without any shame, or morals”.  Earlier claims to fame by The Swords of Truth, have been the bombing of internet cafes and music shops.

News Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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