And no swearing-in, either (to tell you the truth, swearing is actually allowed here). Not if the politically correct German left in Berlin has anything to say about it, that is.

Believe it or not, when it comes to holding solemn ceremonies in remembrance of soldiers who risked their lives and died for a worthy cause and the swearing-in of Bundeswehr recruits before the country’s parliament building (and what better place could a recruit do his or her swearing-in than here?) which will take place there at the same time, many if not most a German begins wiggling around in denial and disgust. Or at least that’s the impression outsider types like me get whenever reading about so-called “issues” like this. And this happens regularly, I might add.

Predictably, a Left Party politician is organizing a march to disturb as best possible the planned swearing-in ceremony to be held this Sunday, her motto being something like “stop the war missions – down with the militarization of everyday life”. Uh, which “war” missions is she referring to? And the militarization of everyday life? In Germany in the year 2008? Hasn’t anyone bothered to tell her that these are Bundeswehr soldiers that are getting sworn-in?

It’s easy to pull stuff like this off in Berlin, the city government initiates a lot of these “issues” itself. The city of Berlin has the final say about what is allowed to happen on that small green area before the Reichstag you see and they have already shut this show down once this month. For some inexplicable reason, the politicians who represent the city government of Berlin have a problem with wild and crazy ideas like publicly commemorating the few brave but unsuccessful who tried to knock of Adolf Hitler in 1944. They see this as the glorification of war, get it? Honest, they really do.

Like I said, this is predictable. Instead of proudly celebrating one of the few bright spots in their all too dark history, Germans turn it into the next tired old national guilt ritual, or at least try to. And that these young recruits are all closet Nazis, well that goes without saying, I guess. Pitiful really.

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