There is an entertaining Press Release doing the rounds. It is from For those of you not familiar with Booble (myself included), Booble is a search engine.

The press release states that Booble has been rejected for a TV ad spot during the Super Bowl. With one minute Ad’s going for $2.5 million, one wonders why CBS could not sqeeze one more ad into an event that is already 90% advertising.

The answer would seem to lay in the nature of Boobles business. I mentioned they were a search engine, but not just any old search engine, they specialize in porn! Who would have thought that such a service existed?

CBS obviously fearing a Janet Jackson type repeat opted to remain Booble free!

Booble founder Bob Smart claims that he was willing to offer as much as $50 million, and CBS did not even have the courtesy to return his call.

If I was a gambling man, I would put a dollar on this being a cheap publicity stunt by Booble (Alexa ranking 16,000). I noticed that Yahoo carried the Press Release for about an hour, and then quietly dropped it.

You can find the Press Release here. Stunt or not, it is still a good giggle!

Simon Barrett




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