By Honey Gillard
Rocking pop-rock band Maroon 5 are set to release their much anticipated follow-up album. News that has all Maroon fans saying, “FINALLY!” The nail-biting album is set to hit stores this May.
The band’s fame exploded with the release of their debut album ‘Songs about Janes’, with hit singles, such as ‘Sunday Morning’, ‘This love’ and ‘She Will be loved’. The band’s much loved and catchy tracks infiltrated the radio stations, leading to a total of 8 MILLION album sales worldwide and getting fans (as well as non-fans) all over the nation singing, “Is there anyone out there cause it’s getting harder and harder to breathe?”
The band also toured with global talents including John Mayer, Gavin Degraw, Michelle Branch and Matchbox 20.
It Won’t Be Soon Before Long – the long awaited subsequent album will be the bands first recording without drummer Ryan Dusick, who cordially left the group in September; after joint and nerve injuries that made him unable to continue as a drummer. But no fear to Dusick’s fans as he hasn’t gone too far, stating on the band’s official website, “I worked in the creative process and production of the new M5 album with the title “Musical Director”, and I hope to collaborate with the band again in the future.”
Dusick also mentioned that he is still good friends with the other members of the band including his replacement Matt Flynn.

The album’s primary single will be ‘Makes Me Wonder’.  The other tracks, comprising the album, are as follows:
“If I Never”
“Little of Your Time”
“Wake Up Call”
“Won’t Go Home Without You”
“Nothing Lasts Forever”
“Makes Me Wonder”
“Can’t Stop”
“Goodnight, Goodnight”
“Not Falling Apart”
“Better That We Break”
“Back at Your Door”
Oh the suspense…
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