Bill O’Reilly is a “commentator” on FoxNews. One of his selling points is that his show is a “no-spin zone.” Any one who watches what O’Reilly’s show knows that he attempts to pass off his perspective as legitimate news and punditry. In reality, Mr. O’Reilly is part of the same spin machine that has produced some of the most vicious campaign advertisements in recent years. Not only does Mr. O’Reilly use his hyperbole to misinform, but he also uses it to disseminate misinformation. Recently, one interview featured on the O’Reilly Factor seriously distorted facts about the state of military action in Afghanistan. Mr. O’Reilly contradicts an expert by saying that he has conducted his own investigation after having “talked to everyone” about the situation on the ground.

The reality of the situation, it seems, paints a very different picture of what NATO forces are up against. Clearly the truth contradicts what really comes through the O’Reilly filter. FoxNews and Mr. O’Reilly do the citizens of this nation a disservice by twisting facts and using labels as a rally call for the so-called conservative political base, which is spin all its own. In these times, the truth is of paramount importance considering the dangers current political policy poses to the liberty of American citizens. As a member of the infantry on the traditionalist side of the “culture war”, O’Reilly is fighting the wrong fight, leading his blind followers down a path away from conservatism and towards fascism. The moral of the story, don’t take televised news at face value without performing an independent investigation for the facts behind the story.

By: R. Andrew Smith
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