Remember when Germans were famous for doing whatever the police told them to do? Me neither. But now kids here these days are getting frecher and frecher (more boldfaced and cheeky) all the time. And nobody seems able to do anything about it, least of all the police.

Case in point: This young guy in Aachen gets a letter from the cops requesting that he come in to testify in an ongoing investigation. He writes them back thanking them for their friendly invitation but regrets to inform them that “I really don’t feel like getting up so early in the morning, especially not for the police. Please don’t bother me with your nonsense anymore. If you want anything, you can come to me.”

The German cops, hard as Kruppstahl (Krupp steel), did just that. They came by later to conduct the hearing at his place. Please keep this in mind when the Germans start moaning again about the “police state” they live in (usually at regular, two to three month intervals).

And speaking of no respect, tonight’s the night!

“And the loser is…” This will be one ceremony where Sharon Stone won’t be calling the bidders “nasty little Germans”. She can’t. They’re nasty little Americans this time, Razzie Award American types. And it looks like they are going to be honoring her with their equivalent of the lifetime achievement award for Basic Instinct II.

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