Jan spoke with Zachary Pittman’s mother Christy Ragas earlier today. There was a search for Zachary on Saturday. Nothing of value in the case was found. Christy is understandably down, but she does have high hopes in the new detective that has been assigned to the case. What must be admired is this woman’s drive to bring this case to a conclusion. She has no illusions about finding her son alive, she merely wants to find a way to close this sad chapter in her life.

Both Jan and I wish that we had heard about Zachary Pittman at the time he disappeared. I doubt that we could have been of direct help, but it is possible that we might have been able to generate interest so that the local press picked up the story and could have created a greater awareness in the local area. What is interesting is that although this happened over a year ago, not all trails have gone cold.

On the Eric Preimesberger case more details are gradually emerging. I know that Jan has been talking to mother Kay Wilson and we have been asked to publish a short article by Kay. We hope to be doing that in the next few days.

In the Haleigh Cummings case the blogosphere was lit up this week by an article that BNN published regarding Lisa Croslin. Sorry folks, but I am sticking to my guns on this one. Let me ask a question? If I was wrong, where is the police report? If I was a top notch lawyer I would want to have an ounce of proof before I went around tossing mud at people. I think I would also be tempted to have my explanation of the events published by the main stream media, rather than play in the comments section of a web site. Of course the answer to this question of where is the police report is simple, from what we have heard there isn’t one!

If you know the right people to talk to you find a very different story to what the high power lawyer is telling. Why were the paramedics and a member of the Police dispatched to the shelter? What was the dispatch message? Did it claim assault or something else? Drugs maybe? Is it possible that a lowly site such as BNN knows this answer and a wazoo lawyer does not?

It will be interesting to watch this sideshow unfold.

Simon Barrett

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