The Terengganu State in the country of Malaysia is recruiting more policemen.LINK
Are they being put on traffic duty?
Or maybe checking your bags in case you are a terrorist trying to bring bombs into the local malls, as police do in our small rural town in the Philippines?

None of the above.

They are going to check that unmarried couples are not found snuggling up against each other, kissing each other, playing footsie under the table or (gasp) being in a hotel room together.

Money will be paid to waiters and janitors and others who supply tips to the religous police.

The China post reports:

Rosol (the chairman of a state Islamic welfare committee) said the spies would largely look for unmarried couples committing “khalwat,” or “close proximity,” a crime under Islamic law in Malaysia akin to adultery. It applies to unchaperoned meetings between men and women. Those found guilty of khalwat can be jailed for up to two months.

Although non Muslims are supposed to be exempt, there was a case where an elderly retired American couple had their home invaded by religious police trying to see if they were in “khalwat”. The incident was very embarassing to the main Malaysian government, who is trying to attract foreign visitors.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines with her husband, Lolo. They khalwat all the time.

Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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