This is a guest article by author Arthur Woodrow.

The current reality is that the United States is bankrupting itself fighting two wars and paying 75% of the costs of a fly over. The 28 nations in NATO voted unanimously in favor of the Libyan fly over. Never-the-less, just a few members are actively participating. The others lack the military capability. NATO nations have relied too heavily on Uncle Sam to protect them. There is an alternative course of action that can make war unnecessary.

This country faces the dilemma of not being able to aid the rebellious citizens, in the Middle East and Africa, seeking a democratic form of government. It is tragic that our nation, which advocates human rights, is not able to help these brave people. There is a real danger that the successful revolutions will not become democracies because of our lack of support.

In child’s play, the youngster, who owns the ball, controls the game. The same principle applies in the world of commerce. Trade is the life blood of nations. Democratic countries have the highest Gross National Products (GDP) and are the most prosperous in the world. These peace loving countries represent 65% of the world’s market (European Union 25%, US 24%). Instead of force, why not use the potent soft power of trade to control rogue nations? Controlling trade is analogous to the effective, maritime blockades of the 16th and 17th Centuries.

Democratic nations should establish an alliance to use their powerful market forces to promote peace, freedom, and human rights. Wars eventually erode national support. Coercion will re-enforce democratic nationalism.

This alliance should be organized with majority rule to avoid the ineffectiveness of the veto-impaired United Nations. Any recalcitrant nation refusing to comply with the majority would it’s lose membership. Regular meetings of the heads of State, except in cases of emergencies, would be held at each member’s country on a rotational basis to eliminate the need for buildings and personnel.  Its primary purpose would be world peace, the ultimate goal – freeing oppressed people so that they can enjoy their God given freedom. Members would cooperate in these efforts because no direct financial outlays would be required.

This membership would have considerable influence in world affairs much like a predominant high school clique. Here are just a few of the benefits of membership:  free trade with measurable economic gain, the ability to safely reduce defense spending, and the prestige for smaller democratic countries’ to be part of this impressive group. Further positive effects of this coterie:

•    Nations would be motivated to become democracies to qualify to join.
•    The possibility of the loss of membership would Inhibit citizens of democratic nations from voting for leaders, who might change their form of government.
•     China and Russia would eventually cease supporting nations such as North Korea and Iran because of the financial burden.

Let’s join with the other democracies to attain peace in the world and end the terrible sacrifices of the lives, limbs, and the mental health of our loyal armed forces.  We can revise the old adage of, the pen is mightier than the sword, to trade is mightier than war. The ball is now in the democratic nations’ court.

Arthur Woodrow

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