I have to admit that I avoid politics like the plague. In my mind it does not matter the color of the label, it merely represents more of the same. The difference between the parties can only be measured by a micrometer.

Each plays the same card hand, we are going to change stuff for everyone. For decades we have heard this same story. Lower taxes, smaller government, does this sound familiar?

I asked my friend author James Ross to give his opinion, I rather like his style, he writes using the voices of the characters in his books.  So, this is a guest article by James Ross – Simon

“You’re in here early,” Julie said to one of her regulars. Captain Jer was the first guy in the pro shop at Prairie Winds Golf Course. He beat Fred and his box of doughnuts to a seat at the back booth. “You want the usual?”

“No, not today,” the retired pilot replied.

Julie gave him a puzzled look. It was uncharacteristic for Captain Jer to not start the day with a beer or Bloody Mary or shot of whiskey. “Is something wrong?”

Captain Jer shook his head. “Nope. I’ll take some tea if you’ve got it.”

“Tea?” Julie asked as she put her hands on her hips. She looked chic in a fashionable green golf skirt and white blouse embroidered with a light gold pattern. “That’s unlike you. Where’s Doctor DV? He normally drives you?

“He’s on the way. I told him that I was celebrating today and wasn’t going to drink any booze.”

“What’s the occasion?”

“Where have you been?” Captain Jer shot back. “The elections turned out the way I wanted. Hooray for the Tea Party!”

“That will make it bad for the little guy,” Julie replied.

“Are you kidding?” Captain Jer gave her a look of disbelief. “Maybe we can get this country back on track. I don’t understand how I’m expected to run my household efficiently and pay bills on time and balance my checkbook, but the government spends money that it doesn’t have.”

Julie watched as hot water streamed out of the faucet and into the coffee pot. It would take a while on the burner for it to warm up enough to make hot tea. “The people that can’t fend for themselves need to live.”

“Is that my responsibility?” the pilot said. “I worked hard to make a living only to see the government raise my taxes and give it to those that don’t want to work. That’s not right.”

“Maybe they didn’t have the opportunity.”

“Hey, I went to school, educated myself, learned a skill and earned my paycheck. The others can do that as well.” Captain Jer got up from the booth and walked to the counter. “Anyway the election was just a start. Now we need to clean up the judges, the courts and law enforcement.”

“What crawled up you?” The normal jovial Captain Jer was on a rant.
“The corruption and influence and political favors upset the checks and balances system.”

“What are you talking about now?”

“You know, make a contribution to a political candidate or help someone get re-elected. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. It leads to favoritism and fraud.”

“You’re on a roll this morning, aren’t you?” Julie placed the pot on a burner. “I thought this was a place to come to and relax, you know, play a round of golf.”

What do you think we talk about when we’re out on the course playing?” the retired pilot asked as Fred walked through the door with a dozen doughnuts. He placed them on the counter.

Captain Jer reached for breakfast. “Julie, hand me a Styrofoam cup,” Fred said. The night manager at the auto plant was surprised to see his golfing buddy in the clubhouse so early. “What are you doing here now? You usually show up about thirty seconds before our tee time.”

“I’m celebrating the election results.”

Fred smiled, reached out and grabbed the cup from Julie’s hand. He grabbed a marker out of the holder next to the register. On the Styrofoam he wrote “Tips.”

“What are you doing?” Julie asked.

“For years I’ve been bringing these in for everyone to enjoy. There aren’t any freebies any more. I want to get some of my money back.” He placed the cup next to the box of doughnuts and turned to Captain Jer. “You’re first. Time to buck up.”

“What?” Captain Jer exclaimed.

“It’s about time this nation woke up and faced its obligations,” Fred said with a laugh as he turned and headed to his familiar spot at the back booth.

Author James Ross has written four novels—Lifetime Loser, Finish Line, Tuey’s Course and Opur’s Blade—from the fictitious Prairie Winds Golf Course setting. Join the commentary and explore social issues that face American society.

Simon Barrett

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