Escondido, a community a few miles north of San Diego in Southern California has passed a new city ordinance making it illegal to rent property to undocumented aliens.

This move is being called racist by it’s opponents.

I lived in the San Diego area for almost 10 years and it is clear to me that this move will cause nothing but grief. The basic economic infrastructure of the area needs the large undocumented alien population, without it the agricultural sector will lose a huge proportion of its work force.

This controversial decision was made at a sometime rowdy council meeting on Wednesday, with at least two people being escorted out by police officers. One news station also reported that there were at least 100 riot police in attendence.

According to one local TV station:

Under the ordinance, a complaint not based on race or ethnicity can be filed by a resident, business or city official. The landlord would then be required to provide papers indicating immigration status of his of her tenants, which the city would ask the federal government to verify. If determined to be in the country illegally, the tenants would have to move within 10 business days.

This sounds more like World War II Nazi Germany than laid back Southern California.

The ordinance is set to go into effect in 30 days, I am sure that there are going to be law suits flying during that time.

Simon Barrett

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