News Item:
Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire

The circumstance –

Tillman’s patrol was ordered to split-up due to a disabled vehicle.
The mountainous terrain interfered with radio contact.
The patrol should have been kept together.
It never should have happened.

Tillman and two others reacted to nearby gunfire.
They positioned themselves on a ridge to provide fire support.
Tillman’s former patrol took those on the ridge to be hostiles.
Radio communications were down, and they opened fire.
It never should have happened.

One day after the incident, a friendly fire investigation began.
The family remained under the opinion their son died from hostile fire.
Two years later they now know different.
It never should have happened.

Heads will roll, and well they should.
The Pentagon is not, and should not be, a Public Relations firm.

Full Story: UPI

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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