Industry experts in the UK have expressed disappointment about the failure of the UK Justice Secretary, Jack Straw, to make a decision over whether UK sufferers of pleural plaques should be entitled to compensation. The Justice Secretary had been due to make a decision over whether an original ruling that stopped UK sufferers from claiming compensation should be overturned.

However, Straw has failed to reach a decision over this issue, and this has caused anger and disappointment for many. Pleural plaques are caused by exposure to the potentially deadly carcinogenic asbestos, and can cause a variety of symptoms as well as heighten the risk of developing a more serious asbestos related illness.

One asbestos lawyer said that he was very disappointed about the fact that a decision had not been reached with regards to whether the original 2007 ruling would be overturned. He said: “We are hugely disappointed that the Government has still not come to a decision on pleural plaques.”

He added: “We very much hope that the Government uses the recess to have a long look at the issues involved and we hope they come to a decision soon. It is unfair to keep sufferers of this disease waiting to hear whether they can receive compensation for their condition. Our clients are confused and distressed. The Government’s mixed messages are not bringing any piece of mind to pleural plaque sufferers.”

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