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Sports fans are not the only ones disappointed with India’s poor showing in most international sporting contests. Parliamentarians also think sports in India lacks “accountability”, “transparency” and “direction”, while policy implementation is in the “throes of wilderness”. But they believe they have solutions to the problem too. In its report, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Human Resource Development has asked the government to bring sports under the concurrent list of the Constitution.

But the picture is not all bleak in India. Karnam Malleswari won the Weight Lifting Bronze Medal in Olympics; Pullela Gopichand won the All England open in 2001. I am sure more than half the population of India never got to know about this when it happened. I am sure it is not hard to find people who still don’t know these names. On the other hand if India had won against even a weak team like Bangladesh it would have got unprecedented media coverage.
All this is changing for good now. In recent times sport viewers are considering about following other sport as well. Now it is really nice to find people ready to sponsor talents like Narain Karthikeyan, Sania Mirza, Rathore, etc. Slowly we can see sports like football, tennis, badminton replacing cricket in every gully or street.


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