With their long term contact with label Interscope expiring last year, Nine Inch Nails have decided to take an innovative approach to selling their soon to be released album ‘‘Ghosts I-IV’’. They are taking the Radiohead idea of letting people name their own price one stage further. The first 9 tracks of Ghosts is freely available for download from the Nine Inch Nails web site http://www.nin.com.

For $5 you can download the entire 36 tracks. Ghosts is also being distributed physically by the RED label. Interestingly in a number of different packages ranging from $10 for the basic double CD, up to $300 for the Deluxe set, that includes Vinyl, CD’s, DVD, and Blu-ray formats, together with 3 books.

It will be interesting to see how this experiment works out. And I am sure that other bands will be watching this release carefully. It is one thing for a no name band to experiment with new media and new ideas, it is an entirely different matter when a band with a long and successful career behind them, as is the case with Nine Inch Nails, decide to do it.

Co-incidentally I just received an email from the RED label letting me know my review copy should be going out this week, I wonder if they are sending me the $300 version?

Simon Barrett


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