The Sri Lankan superstar, the award winning singer-songwriter Nimal Mendis has written a song for autism titled: OPEN EVERY DOOR.

Nimal Mendis, who was born in Sri Lanka is raising funds for the British charity AUTISM SPEAKS UK who are conducting research into the causes of autism. 50% of downloads will go to AUTISM SPEAKS UK.

Autism Speaks is a registered charity that raises funds to accelerate biomedical research to determine and understand the causes and biological basis of autism spectrum disorders; and through that understanding to discover and promote new ways of improving the quality of life for all those affected.

Mensis hopes that music lovers will download the song for autism and help raise funds for AUTISM SPEAKS UK – their work will one day provide answers for parents, carers and people with autism around the world.

Prime Minister Tony Blair was presented with a copy of ‘Open Every Door.’ Copies of the song for autism have been handed over to Gordon Bown, David Cameron and Sir Menzies Campbell. Nimal Mendis has joined British musicians in urgin politicians to do more for all people with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome by providing them with public services.A postcode lottery to public services exists in the UK where parents, carers and people with autism are concerned.

To download the Nimal Mendis song:  

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