Usually it is pretty easy to review an album, tracks you like, a link to buy it, and some guff to pad the article out with. Sorry but I cannot do that. Instead I have to tell you a story about a band that formed in the late 60’s.

Hawkwind were special right out of the gate. Their self titled album had this classic.

That was the last time you would hear the blues.

Hawkwind were going to create a new music genre, Space Rock. Pink Floyd may well have Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun.

Hawkwind meanwhile had this gem

In Search Of Space defined the band for eternity.

Who were Hawkwind? In my mind there were Nik Turner, Dave Brock, Bob Calvert, writer Michael Moorcock and an Amazonian naked dancer Stacia.

Being in a band is much like being in a marriage, fights start and divorces happen. Nik left in 76, there was a reconciliation in 82, but it was brief.

I left the UK in 1980 and it was almost three decades later that my interest in music was reawakened. I hated the rubbish that masqueraded as popular music. The internet allowed me to find out what had happened to my favorite bands and musicians. I was amazed at how many were still playing. I was also amazed how many of them were willing to talk to me.

Some bands had moved on to fresh pastures, some had found themselves stuck in a time warp.

Nik moved on, Life In Space is a great album, it is both old and new at the same time. There are bits of classic Hawkwind’s style, but it is done with a more modern flourish.

Life In Space is a ‘more-ish’ beast. The more you listen, the more you like it.

Take it out for a spin, this is a link to the Press Release.

I noticed that he is going to be playing in New Orleans in early November, I just have to persuade my wife to go. That might be a tricky thing. I took her to a Motley Crue adventure under the guise that the Crue were an up and coming country rock band!


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