Teufelsberg used to be the kind of place you avoided in Berlin (West-Berlin). “Devil’s Mountain” is an artificial hill in Berlin’s Grunewald consisting of about 12 million cubic meters of rubble from bombed-out Berlin. The NSA built one of its largest Cold War listening stations here and continued using it up until the fall of the Berlin Wall. Ever since then, the abandoned hill has had a bit of a ghost town touch to it, although it might be a nice place to do some kite flying, I suppose.

But now Teufelsberg may turn back into a place to avoid again (except maybe on Halloween). If David Lynch and some guy called Raja Emanuel have anything to do with it, that is. They hope to build an “invincible university” for transcendental meditation up there and widen a network of other top-notch elite and invincible universities spread throughout Europe and, through this, bring peace to the world or at least levitate it a little or something. You know, bring Devil’s Mountain back up to speed again and turn it into a Freak Mountain instead.

Of course nobody really knows why universities for followers of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi need to be invincible, but wait, on second thought, if you think about the heat Tom Cruise has had to take here in Germany for being a Scientology freak, maybe this makes good sense after all.

But whatever happens, don’t ever go wandering around up there in the night or get a flat tire or anything or ask to use their telephone which they invariably never have, of course (cell phones won’t work up here, you fool). It could be the last terrestrial phone call you ever tried to make. 

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