The Nielson folks are into ratings, you name it and they will run a survey on it. They can tell you the demographics and likely the most popular brand of laundry detergent used by viewers of American Idol. I’ll also bet they can tell you how many ‘American Idol’ fans are unemployed, that no doubt would be the American Idol, idle percentage!

Nielson also dabble in the online world. And their latest results, while not definitive are good for a giggle. They decided to figure out how many people visited the presidential hopefuls official web sites and what the video viewing habits were.

The data for March shows that Obama was the hands down winner, more than 518,000 people visited for video content, and they watched a total of 828,000 videos, maybe the most astounding statistic is the average time each visitor spent doing this, 16 min.

The Clinton mob came in second, with 351,000 viewers who watched 551,000 times, but only spent and average of 4.8 min.

The shocker though is John McCain, I guess he is too old for the internet! He managed only 38,000 viewers, who watched 66,000 times, and spent a measly 1.5 min doing it!

Obviously based on these numbers, John McCain should drop out of the race right now, or enroll in an Internet class at his local Community College, he obviously has an uphill battle in the high tech world.

I was surprised that Hillary was trailing Obama, you would have thought that Bill could have got his good buddy Al Gore (inventor of the internet) to help out :).

You can check out all the gory details at .

Simon Barrett

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