Today’s sentencing of Nicole Richie looks like further confirmation that Paris Hilton was singled out and hammered by the courts. Paris got 45 days in jail  for violating probation on an alcohol related reckless driving case, which is significantly less serious than a DUI. In case you’re stuck with a DUI, you can hire, so that you will have legal help on your side.

Nicole Richie has received two actual DUI’s in less than 4 years and for her most recent one she was driving the wrong way on the freeway at night.

The Judge sentenced Ms. Richie to a stunning 4 days in jail with credit for 1 day on account of the 6 hours she spent in jail when she was arrested. If that wasn’t nice enough the Judge also gave her a choice of serving her 3 days or less at either the city jail or county jail.

So where is all the faux “outrage?” Where are the demands for justice? Where is Al Sharpton? Where is the lynch mob outside Ms. Richie’s home? Where are the investigations into “special treatment?” Oh wait, you won’t see or hear any of those things because Nicole’s name isn’t Paris.

It’s strange that the public is outraged only when Paris Hilton does something wrong, but everyone else gets a pass. This serves as another stunning example of hypocrisy by the city of Los Angeles and the general public.

Paris Hilton’s 45 day sentence was simply about a jealous and envious public looking for vengeance, and a Judge gone wild.

Written By Chris Jones
The Hot Joints

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