Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were an unexpected attraction at Sydney's Royal Easter Show on Monday. (National Nine News)


By Honey Gillard 

Hollywood stars and proud Australians Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban treated themselves to a relaxing day at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, today; particapating in what is an annual tradition to many Aussies.

The couple, along with a cute kidddo believed to be Nicole’s nephew, made their way around the showground, dressed casually and sporting baseball caps. Kidman and Urban negotiated with the crowds in a sideshow alley.

Organisers of the event were greatly surprised and excited when they discovered that Kidman and Urban had, despite their fame, made the same choice as thousands of ordinary Sydneysiders, to enjoy a fun day out at the show; a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather.

The celebrity couple spectated a performance by motocross bikers performing synchronised stunts within a 16m sphere called ‘Globe of Death’ in the Show Arena.

They were also spotted queuing to enter the showbag pavilion; stocking up on at least 6 bags once inside.

As the day came to a close, and the famous pair left the show, Kidman commented, “Very happy, thankyou.”

Looking for some Easter entertainment? Visit the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

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Sources: the australian

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