A Niagara Falls hospital is facing hefty fines over asbestos violations, according to a recent report. The Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center could find itself facing fines of over one hundred thousand dollars for the improper removal of asbestos when renovations were carried out at the hospital back in December.

The hospital was cited by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration for lack of safeguards for employees as well as for the improper removal and disposal of materials that contained asbestos following the renovation work.

According to reports the hospital cooperated fully with health officials and followed the advice of the agency in terms of making corrections. Corrections were all completed during the investigation by health officials. The investigation began as the result of a complaint made by a hospital employee. There were fears that fibers of the potentially deadly material asbestos had become airborne and were contaminating the building.

Arthur Dube, OSHA’s area director in Buffalo , said: “There was a breakdown of essential precautions before, during and after this work, and the sizeable fines proposed here reflect the gravity of the hazard. The medical center’s failure to supply and ensure these basic and required safeguards placed these employees at risk of debilitating disease.”

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