NIA Report Says Senegal was seeking foreign aid to Destabilize Gambia-Serg PMJ exposes!

By Serg PMJ

Dear Editors,

I was busy all these weeks with official duties but now back for a while. I am glad to read from your site that my small boy- the former Banjul Bureau Chief now Editor-In-Chief has safely landed in the United States. God be with you all. The bad intension Yahya Jammeh have for you will never materialised. I want to talk about the whole issue of my small boy but maybe in my subsequent write-up. Today I would want to touch on the Gambia and Senegal relations.
The relationship between these two sisterly neighbouring countries is sour and deteriorating and it’s been aggravated by our government’s endless accusations published by the pro-government Daily Observer newspaper. Anybody who happens to have read the previous Daily Observer articles especially the recent one titled “Senegal continues to destabilise Gambia” will know that the article is purely an extract of an intelligent report.
It is the first six (6) page report filed in by our personnel in Senegal about the relations between the two countries. The intelligent report outlined certain unsubstantiated activities being carried out by the Senegalese government and security officials.

Sometime ago, I wrote that the Agency deployed at least sixty (60) intelligent personnel commanded by a dozen senior officials. These personnel are there to monitor the activities of the Gambian dissidents but shortly after their arrival in Senegal, their Terms of Reference (ToR) was changed. The whole content cannot be discussed here online because of security reasons but I would like to make one thing clear- THE GAMBIA/SENEGAL RELATIONS IS AT A CROSS-ROAD.

Nonetheless, I would just discuss a bit about the report. The content mainly focused on activities of Gambian dissidents and their relationship with the Senegalese authorities. It stated that Senegal was recruiting and seeking foreign aid for the Gambian dissidents to launch provocative attacks on Gambia, thereby overthrow the regime of President Yahya Jammeh. The report also stated that the clandestine plot may include attacks on Gambia’s infrastructure and economic developments. Although the report did not indicate spotting any so-called Gambian dissident having meetings with the Senegalese authorities, it vividly pointed out that the clandestine activities are at an advance stage.
However, these claims were vehemently denied by the Senegalese security officials. In a recent conversation with a senior colleague with “Dique”- Senegalese Intelligence Agency, the Senegalese government are aware of the presence of Gambian intelligent agents and their activities. “We know they are in Senegal and we know why they are there but they will report nothing to you but lies.” The “Dique” official said with the Gambia government’s activities in the southern Senegalese region of Cassamance, his government has all rights to invade Gambia to protect its territorial integrity. “But no, we are all against that. It is not in our interest and not in the interest of Gambians. The so-called dissidents they say we are recruiting are legally residing in Senegal. Your president wants my government to hand them over but we cannot do that. It is against the international principles that our government signed. My government cannot just and will never do that.”
The “Dique” official said his government is just considering the relationship between the two countries but since coming to power in 1994, President Jammeh has done many things that warrant the Senegalese government to invade the Gambia.
Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2007 (Archive on Friday, June 29, 2007)
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